Business English

English for your Job (Part 2) – Saturday Intensive (ab B2)
Samstag 10.00 – 13.00 Uhr
09.06. – 07.07.18 (5x)
Preis: 170 Euro, 155 Euro (DAZ-Mitglieder)
Lehrer: Ed Steele

This is a follow-up course to English for your Job (Part 1). You will deepen the language skills that you acquired in the first part of this course. Topics include more advanced business correspondence, giving presentations, and leading discussions and meetings.

English for your Job (Part 1) is recommended but not a requirement for taking this course.

Business Conversation Course (ab B2)
Samstag 14.00 – 15.30 Uhr
09.06. – 07.07.18 (5x)
Preis: 85 Euro, 78 Euro (DAZ-Mitglieder)
Lehrer: Ed Steele

Do you want to feel more confident when talking to international colleagues or business partners? Practice your conversation skills for the work environment! We’ll discuss topics and articles related to business and the professional world.