Samstag 11.05. 20.15 Uhr

ACTS: Past-Present-Past – Multimedia-Drama



Location: Theaterhaus Stuttgart, T4, Siemensstraße 11, 70469 Stuttgart
Entry fee: 15.00 euros, reduced 12.00 euros
Language: English
Tickets: via Theaterhaus Stuttgart
Language: English

Based on the fate of four leading radical writers and political activists, the multimedia backed theater play Past-Present-Past unearths some remarkable truths about Stuttgart towards the end of the Weimar Republic in 1933, and later after the collapse of the NS regime in 1945. All four protagonists, having received warnings from friends with connections to the Stuttgart Nazi Party managed to escape persecution. As either Jews or political „subversives“, or both, all four managed to seek refuge in Britain, Switzerland, or the USA.

What makes the stories particularly intriguing is that three of the characters returned from exile to Stuttgart in 1945 in the spirit of reconciliation. Having not experienced the holocaust directly, their good intentions were shattered as the reality of Nazi persecution finally hit them. For each of them this was a traumatic moment, a delayed moment of truth, which the play attempts to dramatize.

The disturbing political and societal parallels between 1933, 1945 and 2019, informs the narrative of the play, which begins and ends as Caro Kandel the great granddaughter of a radical Stuttgart émigré discovers her great grandma’s diaries and correspondence dating back to 1932. For Caro this is a voyage of discovery, which takes her back to Stuttgart in 1933 and 1945. Her situation is made precarious however, by the harrowing presence of her far-right uncle, who wishes to destroy the family’s radically progressive legacy.  

Organizer: ACTS: Anglo-German Cooperative Theatre & Media Stuttgart: English-speaking theater group, Hochschule der Medien