Samstag 08.10. 10.00 Uhr

All you need is Improvisation


Location: Hospitalhof Stuttgart, Büchsenstr. 33, 70174 Stuttgart 
Duration: 10:00 – 17:00
Entrance: 88,00 € / 80,00 € if you book until 24.09.22 / 30,00 € for students
Language: English 
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Improvisation educates, is fun, promotes openness and acceptance, but above all creativity! Those who have learned it can benefit from it again and again, because improv promotes qualities that are in demand everywhere: Dynamism, spontaneity, teamwork, and the ability to respond to others. Are you often unsure how to approach unfamiliar and new situations like living abroad in a different culture? Have you ever experienced stage fright or the anxiety of going on a first date?

In this course, improvisation coach and singer Andrea Wodniok will show you how you can personally benefit from applying improv into your everyday life in order to gain more confidence and look at life with joy, curiosity, and openness. Inspired by US-American coaches Caitlin McClure and Theresa Robbins Dudeck, she has developed a technique on how to use improv to deal with stage fright and to present in a more magnificent and relaxed way. No previous improvisation experience required!

With: Andrea Wodniok, improvisation coach
In cooperation with: Evangelisches Bildungszentrum Hospitalhof Stuttgart

Andrea Wodniok

Andrea Wodniok is an expert improvisation coach who gives classes on improvisation and countering stage fright across Germany. From giving improv theater courses in groups, leading various creative projects in social fields to individual lessons in singing and acting, Andrea Wodniok has made it her mission to pass on her knowledge and experiences in one-on-one sessions and group workshops.