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America Explained Special: Scenes from a Marriage

The Highs and Lows of German-American Relations


75 Years of Transatlantic Ties: Speech of Hope, Amerikahaus & DAZ Stuttgart

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Seventy-five years ago, on September 6, 1946, US Secretary of State James F. Byrnes delivered the “Speech of Hope” at the Stuttgart Opera House. His speech became pivotal in shaping the transatlantic relationship between Germany and America, and marked a turning-point toward German reconstruction and self-governance. Since Byrnes’ address in 1946, the allies have persisted through turbulent times of war, global strides for human rights and the protection of freedom and democracy across the globe. Political contenders have also changed the stakes; with each change in Chancellor or President, new policies impact relations. But what significance remains? What impact does it have on Europe? How does Germany benefit?

We will take a deeper look into the “Speech of Hope,” highlight events that illustrate the highs and lows of the relationship, and discuss the challenges of modern times.

With: Brittany Herod, DAZ