Montag 05.07. 20.00 Uhr



Location: Kulturzentrum Merlin / YouTube
Admission: €6
Language: English
Registration: None

In July, NEAT presents Hard Times in Sugar Town, an evening of songs from the Depression and a story by Jadi Campbell. The Dirty Thirties were a time of failed crops and banks, repossessed farms, and massive unemployment. The decade generated a great creative response to the country’s suffering, with the brilliant banter of screen stars, and poignant and pointed music lyrics. The project features songs that evoke a time of wistful hopes and hard reality that will transport the audience to the Main Street of 1930s America.

Hard Times in Sugar Town inhabits an era of flivvers, the WPA, tea pads, and Roosevelt’s New Deal. Men and women built great public works and buildings that still stand today, monuments to the largest works program in American history. As we slowly emerge from a pandemic, this story is once again familiar.

NEAT is a non-profit organization that presents theatergoers with uncompromised presentations of Anglophone theatre and culture. This year, NEAT celebrates its 30th year presenting authentic English language entertainment in Stuttgart.

This will be the first live DARK MONDAY of 2021! In addition, a filmed version will be broadcast on the Merlin YouTube channel starting Tuesday, July 6 at 8 pm.

With: Derrick Jenkins, Tiffany Estrada, Frank Eisele
In cooperation with:
New English American TheatreStaatministerin für Kultur und MedienKulturverein Merlin e.V.