Montag 01.11. 20.00 Uhr

DARK MONDAY: „Nine Lives“ by T. S. Eliot


Location: Kulturzentrum Merlin, Augustenstraße 72, 70178 Stuttgart
Admission: €6/€8
Language: English
Registration: None

Please make sure to follow the current COVID-19 health and safety requirements at the Merlin. 

T. S. Eliot composed an engaging collection of humorous poems about cats to amuse his intimate friends and godchildren on their birthdays and other special occasions. These feline texts have proven irresistible to cat lovers, lovers of nonsense, and admirers of Eliot throughout the English-speaking world, while offering grown-ups a satisfying sophistication and double entendre; a timeless collection of children’s poems for adults.

Eliot belongs to a long tradition of cat-mad artists and christened his pets with such unique names as Mungojerrie, Rumpelteazer, Bustopher Jones, Bubbles, Xerxes, Wiscus, George Pushdragon, and Man in White Spats. Some claim that Eliot is the original Crazy Cat Lady.

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