Montag 13.09. 20.00 Uhr

DARK MONDAY: „Duck Variations“ by David Mamet


Location: Kulturzentrum Merlin
Admission: €6/€8
Language: English
Registration: None

Please make sure to follow the current COVID-19 health and safety requirements at the Merlin. 

This month, the New English American Thatre presents The Duck Variations by David Mamet. The play focuses on two old men sitting on a park bench observing ducks on the lake and philosophizing about the world in general and ducks in particular. Theirs is a reluctant friendship based on awkward discussions about human nature, sex, friendship, love, and mortality using the metaphor of the ducks to express their fears about aging and death. Ironically, they know nothing whatsoever about ducks.

NEAT is a non-profit organization that presents theatergoers with uncompromised presentations of Anglophone theatre and culture. This year, NEAT celebrates its 30th year presenting authentic English language entertainment in Stuttgart.

With: Robin Anderson & Derrick Jenkins
In cooperation with:
New English American TheatreStaatministerin für Kultur und MedienKulturverein Merlin e.V.