Donnerstag 30.03. 16.45 Uhr

Decencuentros in Metropolitan Contact Zones

La Frontera, a Quilombola and Latinx as Untranslatables We Need for Reading and Teaching ‘American’ Cultural Difference

Key Note Lecture

Part of: Diversity in the Digital Foreign Language Classroom (DDFLC) Conference (30./31.03.23)

Location: Online
Admission: Free
Language: English
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This presentation will examine 20th and 21st century representations of “la Frontera,” the Afro-indigenous Brazilian verb “quoilombar,” and the descriptive neologism “Latinx,” as untranslateable theoretical terms and cultural identifiers that address the complexity of American cultural difference that is irreducible to the United States, is multilingual, and that in fact directly rejects colonial and imperial identification, by continuing to nourish imaginaries of femme, queer, Black, indigenous, P.O.C., Latinx, which is to say, non-Anglo, impure, non-white, self-emancipation.

This presentation will make special reference to the work of decolonial representations of the Americas, including José Martí, Gloria Anzaldúa, John Keene, and María Sueli Rodrigues de Sousa, in order to define the parameters of contact zones that shape research and teaching of linguistic and cultural difference today.

With: Prof. Dr. Laura Lomas, Rutgers University-Newark
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: DDFLC 2023