Donnerstag 22.06. 10.30 Uhr

Let’s Read!

Group Meeting

Location: Zoom
Admission: Free
Language: English
Registration: Please register by June 21, 2023, via anmeldung@daz.org

In June, Let’s Read will discuss Jennifer Close’s novel “Marrying the Ketchups.”

“Marrying the Ketchups” is a funny character-driven novel about ordinary life in modern America.
Set after the election of Donald Trump in 2016, the story revolves around the Sullivans, an Irish family living in a Chicago neighborhood. Their family-run restaurant bonds three generations together, but the death of Bud, the restaurant’s patriarch, changes the family dynamic…

Jennifer Close’s novel mirrors big city life in Chicago and the bustling world of restaurants. It is a realistic portrayal of what many American families go through on a daily basis: Finding hope, figuring out what you want in life, and pursuing dreams. At the same time, “Marrying the Ketchups” adequately describes the political landscape of 2016 that continues to reverberate today.