Donnerstag 16.02. 10.30 Uhr

Let’s Read!

Group Meeting

Location: Zoom
Admission: Free
Language: English
Registration: Please register by February 14 via anmeldung@daz.org

In February, we are going to discuss the novel “Telephone“ by Percival Everett.

Pulitzer Prize finalist “Telephone” by author Percival Everett is an outstanding narrative that explores the complex conflict of dealing with situations in our lives that are beyond our control.
The story follows Zach Wells, a geologist and professor who is an expert in his field but completely helpless when it comes to other areas of his life. His daughter Sarah, who passionately plays chess with him in her spare time, has been showing unusual signs of obliviousness lately. Things slowly fall apart when she starts showing more and more strange symptoms and is eventually diagnosed with an incurable disease. In the midst of all this, Zach has to leave the house urgently when he finds a secret note asking for help in his secondhand jacket bought on the internet.
Everett’s heart wrenching novel is about making important life decisions when the world is breaking into pieces.

Did you know that “Telephone” has a unique twist? It was published in three different versions with slightly different endings. Sounds like a lot of fun!