Dienstag 31.01. 19.00 Uhr

My Culture Is Not a Costume

Perspectives of Cultural Appropriation

Panel Discussion with Q&A

Location: Linden-Museum Stuttgart; Hegelstr. 1 70174 Stuttgart
Admission: 5€ adult, 3€ senior/student, DAZ members free
Language: English
Registration: Please register until January 27 via anmeldung@daz.org

Whether for carnival or Halloween: Winnetou, Pocahontas, and Yakari are still popular costumes with all age groups, despite the fact that such costumes promote stereotypes that trivialize the colonization of North America and degrade cultural and religious practices of Indigenous Peoples to a joke. In the German-speaking world, awareness of cultural appropriation is slowly growing. After a Hamburg daycare center recommended kids should not wear American Indian costumes for carnival in 2019, the public debate reacted only moderately. However, through the so-called „Winnetou-Debate“ in the summer of 2022 the discussion gained its own dynamic.

Our panel elaborates from different perspectives why dressing up or playing games like „Cowboys and Indians“ is problematic. The panelists include Indigenous experts from Canada and the US – ranging from filmmakers to musicians and art historians.

With: Amber Dawn Bear Robe, Jules Koostachin, Jessa Calderon and Tristen Durocher
Moderated by: Dr. Nina Reuther
In cooperation with: DAS NORDAMERIKA FILMFESTIVAL, Linden-Museum Stuttgart