Dienstag 02.07. 19.00 Uhr

OLSx vol. 4: Artificial Intelligence

Talk, Discussion & Networking

Open Lecture Series x (OLSx) & 1. Stuttgarter Wissenschaftsfestival 2019

Location: wizemann.space, Quellenstraße 7a, 70376 Stuttgart
Entry fee: free admission
Language: English
Tickets: via Eventbrite

Artificial intelligence (AI) represents a breakthrough in scientific research and innovation. From Siri and Google Assistant on our smartphones to self-driving cars, AI is breaking into the tech scene. Designing machines that learn from experience and perform human-like tasks can be hugely beneficial in our day to day. However, AI is also surrounded by controversy due to its ever-increasing use across all fields. Do the advantages outweigh the concerns? Join us as we delve into this topic with our experts, among them Katharina Schmidt, CEO of apic.ai, a start up striving to preserve biological diversity while using artificial intelligence to prevent the extinction of bees. Through the collection of visual data and machine learning method analysis, apic.ai monitors the bees‘ health as well as their environment.

Snacks and one drink are included. Please register via Eventbrite.

OLSx is a distinctive, international and open event series tapping on relevant economic, social and environmental issues. We are inviting an accomplished speaker for each event, who will share her or his perspectives on pressing topics. Afterwards, the audience is invited to continue the conversation – during the Q&A with our speaker and of course amongst each other during the networking session with drinks and snacks.

With: Speaker(s) for lecture and discussion will be announced shortly
In cooperation with:
wizemann.space, Wirtschaftsförderung Stuttgart

1. Stuttgarter Wissenschaftsfestival

Das 1. Stuttgarter Wissenschaftsfestival startet am 26. Juni 2019 mit einer Auftaktveranstaltung im Stuttgarter Rathaus und endet am 6. Juli 2019. Das Festival findet im ganzen Stadtgebiet statt – je nachdem, wo die Beiträge und Veranstaltungen der teilnehmenden Institutionen verortet sind. Das Rathaus ist mit eigenen Veranstaltungen seitens der Landeshauptstadt und einem Infopoint im Foyer die zentrale Anlaufstelle des Festivals. Ein detailliertes Programm des Wissenschaftsfestivals wird im Laufe des Frühjahrs auf dieser Website veröffentlicht. „Smart und Clever“ lautet das Motto der ersten Ausgabe, das die Landeshauptstadt Stuttgart gemeinsam mit wissenschaftlichen und kulturellen Einrichtungen, Unternehmen, Start-ups, Verbänden oder Vereinen aus Stuttgart ausrichtet.