Montag 12.09. 19.00 Uhr

Back to the Future: Rethinking Mobility

Keynote and Conversation

Location: Rathaus Stuttgart, Mittlerer Sitzungssaal, Marktplatz 1, 70173 Stuttgart
Entrance: Free
Language: English
Registration: Please register until September 11, 2022, via anmeldung@daz.org

What will mobility and urban planning look like going forward? Recent changes like working from home and rising energy costs are opening up a window of opportunity to adjust the expectations for streets and how they can be reused: Most people will remain metropolitan, however, less commuting means fewer will choose to be near major city centers. Space for cars could be repurposed with new means of procuring goods and services, thereby opening up visions with smaller vehicles, less congestion, healthier living, and regenerative zones. 
Urban space originally purposed for automobiles can be transformed to advance clean energy, net-zero emissions and human-scaled mobility–in the EU, North America, and especially in rapidly-urbanizing emerging economies.

How can cities and towns be restored to an urban form that is more similar to pre-World War I structure and what are the benefits? Dr. Kevin J. Krizek will elaborate how designing streets around smaller vehicles (bicycles,3-wheeled vehicles, etc.) will combat climate change, pollution, all while providing an economically sound way to preserve safety and equitable access to goods and services.

With: Dr. Kevin J. Krizek, University of Colorado
Moderated by: Thorsten Donn, Amt für Stadtplanung und Wohnen, Landeshauptstadt Stuttgart
In cooperation with: U.S. Botschaft Berlin

Dr. Kevin J. Krizek

is Professor for Sustainable Planning & Design at the University of Colorado. He currently serves as the Jefferson Science Fellow with the US State Department. Krizek’s research focuses on green infrastructure, civic spaces, transportation, urban design, qualitative and quantitative methods, history, urban transformation and accessibility. He analyzes the design of cities and transport alternatives by prizing evidence-based knowledge. He is the co-author/editor of four books, including Metropolitan Transport and Land Use and The End of Traffic and the Future of Transport.  Krizek was a founding co-editor for the Journal of Transport and Land Use and spearheaded the forming of the World Society of Transport and Land Use Research.