Dienstag 17.03. 19.00 Uhr

Soft Robots: Controlling the Coupled Dynamics

Talk & Discussion

Location: Impact Lab Stuttgart, Quellenstraße 7a, 70376 Stuttgart
Admission: free
Language: English

Compared to most robots and machines, including machines designed for human use, the human body is soft and backdrivable—it bends under load. While it would seem that using a soft, backdrivable body would get in the way of getting things done, somehow human skill far outstrips the capabilities of robots and machines. Could it be that softness in structure and control leads to a higher skill ceiling? In this talk Prof. Brent Gillespie will share new ideas that posit, for example, the pianist does not play the piano, the pianist plays the coupled dynamics of body and piano. He will share his team’s work in the design and control of soft robots designed to get things done like humans, and to collaborate with humans.

With: Prof. Brent Gillespie, PhD, University of Michigan
In cooperation with:
Impact Lab Stuttgart