Donnerstag 07.05. 18.00 Uhr

Teacher Training: U.S. Presidential Elections

Teacher Training

Location: DAZ, Charlottenplatz 17, 70173 Stuttgart
Participation fee: 10 euros, DAZ members 7 euros
Language: English
Registration: by May 4 via buettner@daz.org

November 3, 2020 is election day. While the main focus is on the election of the next president of the United States, all of the members of the House of Representatives, a third of the senators and many others will also being chosen by the voters. The elections take place at a time of deep political, ideological and cultural division. Polarization and partisanship have grown in the recent past, also because of the election of Donald Trump. But it would be wrong to blame it all on the 45th president. Using a wide selection of primary sources, the teacher seminar will do two things: It will provide an up-to-date look especially at the presidential elections, the race for the nomination of the Democratic Party, and the main issues and topics. In addition, the basics of the American electoral system, its development, problems and reform efforts will be analyzed.

With: Dr. Andreas Etges, LMU München

Dr. Andreas Etges

Dr. Andreas Etges is senior lecturer in American history at the Amerika-Institut of the University of Munich (LMU). He is an expert on the American political system and presidential history, and has curated exhibitions on John F. Kennedy in Berlin, Vienna, Munich and Stuttgart. He has been an advisor for German TV documentaries on American history and is frequently interviewed by German and international media on American politics, elections and Transatlantic relations.