America Explained –
DAZ for Schools

America Explained – DAZ for Schools brings the USA into local class rooms: through a variety of programs, we give secondary students the opportunity to meet American native speakers and learn more about the United States. The programs are designed with the curriculum for Baden-Württemberg in mind and enrich school lessons through intercultural experiences.

Our America Explained presentations combine topics from the syllabus with intercultural encounters as our American speakers deliver interactive lectures that help students better understand American politics, history and culture, and serve as a starting point for further discussion.

In our workshops, students have a chance to dive deeper into a topic with experts: trying out Baseball or American Football with professional players, expanding their media literacy skills on fact checking news stories, or exploring American entrepreneurial spirit and start-up culture.

On Conversation Days, we visit German high schools and give students the chance for short one-on-one conversations with young Americans. In preparation for their final exams, they can practice their speaking skills in a conversational setting and at the same time get to discuss a variety of topics and find out more about an American point of view.

However, students are not the only ones who can benefit from our programs: for local teachers, we offer trainings with experts so they can get an overview on topics related to the curriculum, brush up their knowledge with background information and get suggestions on how to implement lessons in a new way. Our teacher trainings are also a great platform for teachers to discuss topics with their peers and exchange ideas.

For our full program, please check out the German part of our website.

Opportunities for
Native Speakers

If you’re an American native speaker who likes working with a teenage audience and would like to get involved in our school programs, please check out our freelance and volunteer opportunities on our job site.