It all started with a small library: the roots of the present-day German-American Center go back to a beloved reading room, created shortly after the end of the Second World War. This reading room provided the residents of Stuttgart with access to American books and authors.

Over 70 years later, our library is still offering access to English-language literature and media for Stuttgarters and people of all ages from the surrounding area. Are you interested in reading a recent bestseller in English? Are you eager to watch the newest season of your favorite American TV show? Are you looking for material for a presentation you have to give about the USA? The DAZ’s library provides a wealth of all kinds of media in English suitable for use in your free time, or for schoolwork or university studies. Library users who are DAZ members also gain access to eBooksUSA, a lending platform for e-books and audio books.

With our renovation in 2013, the library became an especially bright and cozy place. Our inviting displays and comfortable chairs may well lead you to browse, linger, and get lost within the pages of a good book. We are constantly adding to our inventory, and we always welcome suggestions for new purchases!

Still not a library member? Then head to the DAZ to apply for your library card!

General Information

Opening Hours

Our library is open for visitors

Tuesday through Thursday:
9am to 1pm and 2pm to 6pm
9am to 1pm and 2pm to 5pm

Contact Information

Phone: 0711 228 18 0

Digital Library Catalog

In our Findus catalog, you can research our collection, reserve titles and extend your loan period.

Please note that the site is currently only available in German.

Enjoy browsing!

Annual Fee for Library Use:

Without a DAZ membership:
Adults: 10 euros
Students: 5 euros

For our DAZ members, the use of the library is already included in the membership.

Loan Periods

Books: 4 weeks
Magazines: 2 weeks
DVDs: 2 weeks
Test Material (TOEFL, SAT, etc.): 2 weeks
Games: 2 weeks

You may extend the loan periods for books, magazines and board games twice; DVDs and test materials can be extended once (as long as no one else has reserved the medium in question). To extend your loan period, you may stop by the DAZ in person or notify us via e-mail.

Please note that you need to inform us by the due date for the medium in question if wish to extend the borrowing period.

Checkout Limit

Maximum 10 books/magazines
Maximum 5 DVDs

Overdue Fees

If you return your books past their due date, we will charge a late fee.
Books, magazines and board games: 1 euro per item per week
DVDs: 2 euros per DVD per week