The Empire Study Group

In our monthly meeting we explore the United States’ global interests and burdens. Each session focuses on a different article or topic. You will be able to share your experiences as well as your thoughts on a particular subject and reading. Our lively discussions always lead to interesting and surprising new insights.

We meet digitally, once a month on Fridays at 19.00. Newcomers are always welcome – just sign up in advance (see event details)!

Please see below for reading material and find the exact dates of our next sessions on this page as well.

Reading Material:

Jeet Heer. „China Syndrome: Resisting the New Cold War in Asia.“ The Nation, January 2021

Christopher Caldwell. „Can There Ever Be a Working-Class Republican Party?“ The New Republic, February, 2021

Stephen M. Walt. „It’s Time to End the ‘Special Relationship’ With Israel.“ Foreign Policy, May 2021

Richard Walker. „Biden-Putin Summit: Experts Warn of Cyber Nuclear Nightmare.“ Deutsche Welle, June 2021