Die englischsprachigen Workshops mit US-Amerikanerinnen und -Amerikanern ermöglichen SchülerInnen eine interkulturelle Begegnung, fördern ihre Sprachkenntnisse und stellen so eine bereichernde Abwechslung zum Unterricht dar.

Ab Klasse 8

Home Run – Let’s Play Baseball!

From the Los Angeles Dodgers to the New York Yankees – Americans love Baseball. In this two-hour long workshop, students have the chance to try out this exciting sport with players and coaches of the Stuttgart Reds.

Kosten: 150 Euro pro Workshop

In Kooperation mit den Stuttgart Reds.

Touchdown – Let’s Play Football!

Want to know more about the Super Bowl and one of America’s most popular sports? In this interactive workshop, coaches and players from the Stuttgart Scorpions of the German Football League (GFL) will practice some of the most important Football skills and drills with the students.

Termine: 20. Mai, 21. Mai, 24. Juni, 25. Juni; jeweils von 9 – 11 Uhr
Kosten: 150 Euro pro Workshop

In Kooperation mit den Stuttgart Scorpions.

Faceoff – Let’s play Ice Hockey!

Do you want to skate like the wind? Or play the fastest team sport on the planet? That’s Ice Hockey! Come to the Stuttgart Rebels and experience ice and fun! Players, head coach and coaching staff will teach you how it’s done!

Termine: donnerstags nach Absprache
Kosten: 150 Euro pro Workshop

In Kooperation mit den Stuttgart Rebels

Ab Klasse 9

Check Your Facts

In this workshop, an American speaker as well as a German trainer will provide two different perspectives on Fake News. In the first part, students will delve into the nature of the media industry in the U.S. In addition, they will learn how to examine news stories for reliability. In the afternoon, the students will get a behind-the-scenes tour at the SWR and put their newly acquired knowledge into practice by fact-checking dubious news stories with the SWR Fake Finder.
Lunch will be provided.

Termine: 123. April, 7. Mai, 14. Mai, 25. Juni, 23. Juli 2020; jeweils von 9.30 – 17.30 Uhr
Ort: Landeszentrale für politische Bildung BW (vormittags) und SWR (nachmittags)
Kosten: frei

In Kooperation mit der Landeszentrale für politische Bildung und dem SWR.

Ab Klasse 10

Start It Up

Entrepreneurship and start-up culture are current and exciting. Innovative new companies have the potential to tackle the world’s biggest problems and make a difference. It is no surprise that young people want to be at the center of this movement. In this workshop, we will look at start-up success stories from the U.S. and the unique American culture of allowing for failure. Moreover, students will get the chance to transfer their own business ideas into a “pitch deck.”

Kosten: 70 Euro pro Workshop

Creative Writing

Learn how to express your thoughts and ideas in our creative writing workshop. Enrich yourself with the tool of language and step into the world of fiction. The workshop is designed to teach students tips and tricks with regard to the writing process and allow them to use their imagination for producing compelling stories and gain experience in creative writing.

Im DAZ: 70 Euro pro Workshop
An der Schule (VVS-Zone 1–3): 90 Euro
An der Schule (ab VVS-Zone 4): 110 Euro

Ihre Ansprechpartnerin für die Workshops: Kathrin Büttner