September – Dezember 2022

Dezember 2022

Montag 05.12. 20.00 Uhr

DARK MONDAY: „The Legend of Ol’ Bob Stuff“ by Jadi Campbell

In December, NEAT presents „The Legend of Ol’ Bob Stuff“ by Jadi Campbell


Dienstag 06.12. 12.15 Uhr

Die geteilten Staaten von Amerika?

Einen Monat nach der Wahl schauen wir uns mit Claus Gramckow und Dr. Christoph von Marschall an, wie sich die aktuelle Situation auf das Wahlergebnis ausgewirkt hat und mit welchen Konsequenzen nun gerechnet werden kann.


Donnerstag 08.12. 18.30 Uhr

Let’s Read! Christmas Special

Are you interested in reading American literature? Then join our literature discussion series! This month we are going to celebrate the end of the year with an evening of poems and Christmas joy at the DAZ!


Freitag 09.12. 09.30 Uhr

Quilting Bee: The Baltimore Beauties

We are an international, multilingual, hand-sewing, quilting, knitting and crocheting group. Join us for one of our sessions!


Freitag 09.12. 19.00 Uhr

Empire Study Group

Join us in a monthly exploration of the United States’ global interests and burdens. Each session focuses on a different article or topic and our lively discussions always lead to interesting new insights.


Samstag 10.12. 10.00 Uhr

Writers in Stuttgart

We are writers! Every month we get together to read what we‘ve written and to share our writing experiences and ideas with one another.


Montag 12.12. 09.00 Uhr

Dear Sirs – for Schools

This screening for school classes of the award-winning documentary film „Dear Sirs“ is a great opportunity for students to expand their knowledge of America’s role in World War II with a very personal perspective on it.


Montag 12.12. 19.00 Uhr

Dear Sirs

Join us for a screening of the award-winning documentary film Dear Sirs followed by a live Q&A with filmmakers Mark Pedri and Carrie McCarthy.


Montag 12.12. 19.30 Uhr


Join English-speaking people from all over the world who meet once a month for enjoyable conversation.


Donnerstag 15.12. 17.00 Uhr

Youth Club

Do you want to experience American culture, practice your English, enjoy fun activities, and meet new friends with similar interests? Then join our Youth Club!