The Empire Study Group

In our monthly meeting we explore the United States’ global interests and burdens. Each session focuses on a different article or topic. You will be able to share your experiences as well as your thoughts on a particular subject and reading. Our lively discussions always lead to interesting and surprising new insights.

We meet at the DAZ on the second Friday of each month at 17.15. Just drop by one of our sessions – newcomers are welcome!

Admission: 4 euros, free for DAZ members.

Please see below for reading material and find the exact dates of our next sessions on this page as well.

Reading Material: 

February 2020: Drawing the Line“ by Elizabeth Kolbert. Published in The New Yorker in June 2016. 

The Secret Files of the Master of Modern Republican Gerrymandering“ by David Daley. Published in The New Yorker in September 2019.

January 2020: To Serve Is to Rule““ by Doug Henwood. Published in HARPER’S Magazine in November 2019.

December 2019: Trump and the Meaning of Impeachment: My Testimony Before Congress“ by Noah Feldman. Published in the New York Review of Books in December 2019.